***This calendar is subject to change, including readings, activities, and due dates, but due dates will never be earlier than listed here***

This calendar was created in collaboration with Emily Hall and Rachel Herzl-Betz.

Week 1: Introductions and College Writing

R 9/7

Brief introductions to the course and to the Writing Fellows Program

Reading: The Writing Fellows Handbook

(Journals assigned)

(Literacy Autobiography assigned)

Week 2: Why and How Tutoring? Commenting Techniques

T 9/12

Reading: Cronon “Only Connect…

Sommers and Saltz, “The Novice as Expert: Writing the Freshman Year”

Martinez, “Alejandra Writes a Book: A Critical Race Counterstory about Writing, Identity, and Being Chicanx in the Academy”

R 9/14

Reading: Sommers, “Responding to Student Writing” (“Introduction,” Setting the Scene for Responding,” “Engaging Students in a Dialogue about Their Writing,” “Writing Marginal Comments,” and “Writing End Comments” 

(Research Paper Assigned)

Activity: Begin Commenting Exercise

Week 3: Commenting Techniques cont’d and Intro to Conferencing Techniques

T 9/19


Bean, “Writing Comments on Students’ Papers”

Daiker, “Learning to Praise”

Activity: Finish Commenting Exercise

Writing Due: Draft One of Literacy Autobiography due to Learn@UW dropbox AND to workshop group members

R 9/21

Reading: Newkirk: “The First Five Minutes”

Trimbur, “Peer Tutoring: A Contradiction in Terms”

Sarah Groeneveld “It Begins With a Mentality: Disability and The Writing Center”

Writing Due: Written peer review comments (emailed)

Activity: Workshop Groups

Week 4: Conferencing Techniques cont’d. and Intro to Writing and Access

T 9/26

Reading: Hitt, “Access for All: The Role of Disability in Multiliteracy Centers

Harris, “Conference Activities”

Activity: Watch & Discuss Videos of Fellows Tutoring

R 9/28

A quick visit from UW’s Odyssey Project

Reading: Bruffee, “Peer Tutoring and the ‘Conversation of Mankind”

Yambor, Writing Center Tutors and Students with Learning Disabilities: Perceptions, Feelings, and Tutoring Strategies

Writing Due: Final Draft of Literacy Autobiography (Learn@UW)

Week 5: Researching Writing

Guest speakers this week—experienced Fellows talk about research

T 10/3

Reading: Swanson, “Mismatch: First Generation College Students and Writing Center Tutoring at the University of Wisconsin-Madison”

Booth, Craft of Research, “Asking Questions Finding Answers: Prologue: Planning Your Project”

Writing Due: Short Research Proposals (Learn@UW)

R 10/5

Reading: O’Leary, “It’s Now What You Say, But How You Say It (And to Whom): Accommodating Gender in the Writing Conference”

Ianetta and Fitzgerald, “Looking Through Lenses: Theoretically Based Inquiry” and “Show Me: Empirical Evidence and Tutor Research”

Writing Due: Reflective Writing #1 (Learn@UW

(Guidelines for longer research proposals handed out)

Week 6: Language Backgrounds and Local Concerns in Writing

T 10/10

Reading: Micciche, “Making a Case for Rhetorical Grammar”

Flash, “What’s Grammar Got to Do With It?: The Why’s and How’s of Working with Correctness in Writing”

R 10/12

Reading: Matsuda and Cox, “Reading an ESL Writer’s Text”

Staben and Nordhaus, “Looking at the Whole Text”

Week 7: Race and/in the Writing Center

T 10/17

Reading: Ashanti Young, “Casualties of Literacy

hooks, “Teaching New Worlds/New Words”

Writing Due: Research Proposals Revised & Expanded (Learn@UW)

R 10/19


Burrows, “Writing While Black: The Black Tax on African-American Graduate Writers”

Suhr-Sytsma and Brown, “Addressing the Everyday Language of Oppression in the Writing Center”

Week 8: Writing Across the Curriculum

T 10/24


Dinitz and Harrington, “The Role of Disciplinary Expertise in Shaping Writing Tutorials”

Hubbuch, “A Tutor Needs to Know . . . ”

Activity: (in-class debate)

R 10/26

Reading: Severino and Trachsel. “Starting a Writing Fellows program: Crossing disciplines or crossing pedagogies?”

Activity: Analyze writing assignments

Week 9: Access and Writing Revisited

T 10/31

Reading: Simpkins, “Meeting the Needs of LGBTQ Students in the Writing Center”

Denny, “Queering the Writing Center”

R 11/2

Reading: Freire, “Preface” and “Chapter 2”

Writing Due: Reflective Writing #2 (Learn@UW

Week 10: Multimodal Writing

T 11/7

Reading: McKinney “New Media Matters: Tutoring in the Late Age of Print”

Listen to Duane Roen “How Technology Has Changed The Way We Write”

R 11/9

Reading Due: Jenna Mertz, “Walking the Line: Navigating Student ‘Voice’ in the World of Undergraduate Peer Tutoring”

(Final Research Presentation Assigned)

Week 11: Refining the Research Paper

T 11/14

CLASS CANCELLED—Draft reading time and visit Writing Center

Writing Due: Draft of Research Paper—due to workshop group

R 11/16

In-Class Workshop

Writing Due: Written comments for workshop (emailed)

Week 12: Refining the Research Paper

T 11/21

In-Class Workshops—continued

Writing Due: Revised Literacy Autobiographies

R 11/23

No Class—Happy Thanksgiving

Week 13: Student Presentations

T 11/28

In Class Presentations on Research Papers

R 11/30

In Class Presentations on Research Papers

Week 14: Student Presentations

T 12/5

In Class Presentations on Research Papers

R 12/7

In Class Presentations on Research Papers

Writing Due: Final Reflective Writing #3 (Learn@UW

Week 15: Student Presentations and Wrap-up

T 12/12

Last Class – Conclusions

Writing Due: Final Research Portfolio (Learn@UW)