Expanded and Revised Research Proposal

 3 pages + bibliography

Due: Tuesday, October 17 in Canvas folder


The Revised and Expanded Research Proposal is meant to be another helpful step in the process of organizing, executing, and composing your original research project. Like the Short Research Proposal, this assignment is meant to help you with your thinking and writing process. Please include the following elements, but also take the opportunity to share any other thoughts with me so that I can help you move in the most appropriate direction.

Questions to Answer

Make sure you answer these questions in your proposal:

  • What’s the problem you’ve identified?
  • What’s the question you’re asking to address that problem? (please use the research question template on p. 59 of the excerpt from Booth’s The Craft of Research in the course packet)
  • How does your question build upon existing research on your topic? In other words, how is your question part of a larger scholarly conversation(s) about tutoring writing or writing studies? (describe the sources in your bibliography here)
  • What method will you use to find an answer to your question? More specifically, how will you select your data? If using human subjects, how will you recruit them? How will you collect and record data?
  • How do you plan to analyze the data? In other words, what will you look for and what kind of system will you use or develop to analyze the data?
  • Do you plan to bring any particular “lens” to your topic – a method, a theory, or research from another subject (i.e., discourse analysis, gender theory, pedagogical research)?
  • What results do you expect to find?
  • What are some potential challenges you might run into, either in terms of logistics, study design, or otherwise?
  • What are some possible implications of your research for writing tutoring?
  • Why have you chosen the sources you’ve included in your bibliography, and what do you expect that they will add to the project/literature review? What sources do you still hope to find?


Your bibliography should include at least three (3) scholarly sources.  Your final project should include 7-10 scholarly sources, but please feel free to include more.